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March 2014  

When we connect with Mother Earth through our shamanic practices, we will receive the healing we need, and the strength and wisdom to move forward, to assist in Her Service.  

The theme of the Spring Newsletter is:
Mountain Medicine:  Initiation to the Heart

Ella's New Article, written for the BC Shamanic Conference
in May 5-9, 2014:
"The Mother of Wild Animals:
An Invitation to Her Ancient Dance and Contemporary Practice"

copyright: 2014 ella hope.

To sign-up for the Newsletter or to receive an Article:
please email: ella@HealingThroughNature.org


Workshops at Upcoming Conference and Weekend Intensive

British Columbia Shamanic Conference
May 5-9.
To read Ella's workshop description
Ritual Dance with Nature, or
"The Mother of Wild Animals and the Dance"
see tab on this website:  Workshops 2014.
also visit:  www.CircleofGreatMystery.com

Healing Through Nature Weekend Intensive
June 2014 (third weekend)

September 2014 (weekend)
at the newly renovated Shamanic-Eco Center.
See tab on this website:  Trainings

United States Shamanic Conference/ Bones of Fire
Samish Island, WA

October 2014. To read Ella's Evening Ceremony
she has created for the Conference,
visit tab on this website: Workshops 2014.
also visit: www.CircleofGreatMsytery.com


Radio Interview:

To listen to Ella Hope's radio interview on "Self-Healing & Manifestation with Nature", as a preliminary talk to her workshop at the Women of Wisdom Conference, as presented on Feb 17, 2014, please visit:

and look in archives.


Please read the article on this website in the tab Articles:
"The Weave of Shamanism, Elemental Healing, and Faery Healing".

Former Newsletter Themes: 
ella@HealingThroughNature.org to receive a copy)

The winter solstice/new year 2014 newsletter theme is: 
 “Bridging the Paradigms through Practices with Nature”.

The Autumn 2013 newsletter theme:
"Ancient Religion of the Great Mother and a Contemporary Self-Healing Practice with Nature".




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