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September 2014  

Workshops at Upcoming Conference and Weekend Intensive

International Shamanism Conference
Presenter: ella hope.  "Ancient Religioin of the Great Mother,
Shamanism, and the Heart of Healing".
San Rafael, CA.  Aug 30-Sept 1.

Healing Through Nature Weekend Intensive 
September 2014 (weekend)

“Self-Healing Ritual Practice with Nature, Forest Shamanism, Manifestation & Vibrational Medicine”

Weekend Intensive or Saturday Day-Workshop only

When:  Fri eve Sept 12, Sat Sept 13, Sun Sept 14 to 3PM

Donation: $25 to $50 includes accommodations

Requirement: short application/intention

WhereMother Earth Shamanic & Ritual Dance Temple &  90-acre privately owned mature Cedar-Fir Forest. 50 miles north of Seattle.

Presenter  Ella Hope/ 2014 Conferences
Women of Wisdom;  B.C. Shamanic Conference; International Shamanic Conference -CA; USA Shamanic Conference- WA. 


United States Shamanic Conference/ Bones of Fire
Samish Island, WA
October 2014. To read Ella's Evening Ceremony
she has created for the Conference,
visit tab on this website: Workshops 2014.
also visit: www.CircleofGreatMsytery.org

Recent Conferences/Teaching:

British Columbia Shamanic Conference
May 5-9.
To read Ella's workshop description
Ritual Dance with Nature, or
"The Mother of Wild Animals and the Dance"
see tab on this website:  Workshops 2014.
also visit: 

May 28, 2014
 Seattle Central Community College
"Women in Religion"



Please read the article on this website in the tab Articles:
"The Weave of Shamanism, Elemental Healing, and Faery Healing".

Recent Newsletters & Articles: 
ella@HealingThroughNature.org to receive a copy)

Ella's Article, written for the BC Shamanic Conference
in May 5-9, 2014: 

"The Mother of Wild Animals:
An Invitation to Her Ancient Dance and Contemporary Practice"

copyright: 2014 ella hope.

The winter solstice/new year 2014 newsletter theme is: 
 “Bridging the Paradigms through Practices with Nature”.

The Autumn 2013 newsletter theme:
"Ancient Religion of the Great Mother and a Contemporary Self-Healing Practice with Nature".

Radio Interview:

To listen to Ella Hope's radio interview on "Self-Healing & Manifestation with Nature", as a preliminary talk to her workshop at the Women of Wisdom Conference, as presented on Feb 17, 2014, please visit:

and look in archives.


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