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November 2014

October & September  2014.  

1. USA Shamanism Conference
2. Mother Earth Shamanic & Ritual Dance Temple:
        Complimentary workshop and morning presentation.

3. International Shamanic Conference.

1.  United States Shamanic Conference/ Bones of Fire
Samish Island, WA

October 22-Oct 26. 2014.
Samish Island, WA (Bow Edison exit off I-5/ north of Burlington)

Ella's creation and facilitation of Evening Ceremony
"The Bones of Initiation & Fire of Shamanic Activism"

please visit: www.CircleofGreatMsytery.org
See Conference description at base of page


 3. International Shamanism Conference
Presenter: ella hope.  "Ancient Religion of the Great Mother,
Shamanism, and the Heart of Healing".
San Rafael, CA.  Aug 30-Sept 1.



2.  Healing Through Nature Weekend Intensive 
September 2014 (weekend)

“Self-Healing Ritual Practice with Nature, Forest Shamanism, Manifestation & Vibrational Medicine”

Weekend Intensive or Saturday Day-Workshop only

When:  Fri eve Sept 12, Sat Sept 13, Sun Sept 14 to 3PM

Requirement: short application/intention

WhereMother Earth Shamanic & Ritual Dance Temple &  90-acre privately owned mature Cedar-Fir Forest. 50 miles north of Seattle.

Presenter  Ella Hope/ 2014 Conferences
Women of Wisdom;  B.C. Shamanic Conference; International Shamanic Conference -CA; USA Shamanic Conference- WA. 

2014 Additional Conferences/Teachin/ high-lights:

British Columbia Shamanic Conference
May 5-9.
To read Ella's workshop description
Ritual Dance with Nature, or
"The Mother of Wild Animals and the Dance"
see tab on this website:  Workshops 2014.
also visit: 

May 28, 2014
 Seattle Central Community College
"Women in Religion"

Women of Wisdom Conference
Seattle, WA
February 2014. 


Please read the article on this website in the tab Articles:
"The Weave of Shamanism, Elemental Healing, and Faery Healing".

Recent Newsletters & Articles: 
ella@HealingThroughNature.org to receive a copy)

Ella's Article, written for the BC Shamanic Conference
in May 5-9, 2014: 

"The Mother of Wild Animals:
An Invitation to Her Ancient Dance and Contemporary Practice"

copyright: 2014 ella hope.

The winter solstice/new year 2014 newsletter theme is: 
 “Bridging the Paradigms through Practices with Nature”.

The Autumn 2013 newsletter theme:
"Ancient Religion of the Great Mother and a Contemporary Self-Healing Practice with Nature".

Radio Interview:

To listen to Ella Hope's radio interview on "Self-Healing & Manifestation with Nature", as a preliminary talk to her workshop at the Women of Wisdom Conference, as presented on Feb 17, 2014, please visit:

and look in archives.



B o n e s o f F i r e

Residential Shamanic Conference & Gathering  

Samish Island Camp, Bow Island

Washington, USA

October 22nd – 26th 2014

A Gathering to mark the beginning of the season of

the dark nights and winter snows;

the moments breath between life and death

as the Moon of Farewell flows into the Moon of the Dead.

The time of seed fall and the First Fires

These Fires that call us to gather, take stock, commit, release and to be the

moment between Ancestors & Descendant

These Fires were and will be beacons in the darkness; beacons of trust and


The conference/Gathering will be a full 4 days with workshops, labyrinth,

Shaman Market, and ceremonies to guide & transport all present in a

journey of our ancient souls.

Teachers from Canada, US, UK & Europe – Including:

Rob Murphy, Dr. Eve Bruce, Jeff Stockton, Christiana Harle, Katalin Koda,

Kat Naslas, Lauri Shainsky, John-Luke Edwards, Jane Struver, Nataraj,

Alleson & Jonn Lansel, Mel Tomlinson, Stephanie Mills, Kate Lynch

For more information and to register:


Email: usascgmss@gmail.com

Visit: http://circleofgreatmystery.org/2013-first-fire-of-the-ancestors/

Or call 1 604 209 6980



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